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Fiber cement sheets Profib Natural – these are unpainted fiber cement sheets mostly used during construction while laying foundations, partitioning walls, covering balconies and they can even be used for façade cladding to give a loft style to the structure.
Fiber cement sheets Profib Natural
Profib fiber cement sheets are top coated sheets with our specially produced water based acrylic coating that not only protects the sheet itself, but also gives it a beautiful finish. Our sheets can be installed all year round regardless of weather conditions, which gives our clients even more the reason to use Profib façade sheets for their projects. Ventilated façade systems are perfect for weather conditions found in this region as they allow for better energy efficiency of the buildings. As mentioned earlier, Profib Sheets can be used for both façade works and interior decoration, both in private (houses, cottages, summer cottages) and in commercial construction (schools, hospitals, children's institutions). The coating of fiber cement sheets has high rates of vapor permeability, water repellency, and excellent adhesion. The resistance of the coating to climatic influences, frost resistance and ultraviolet radiation resistance allows the use of painted facade sheets in various climatic zones.
Profib fiber cement sheets
Fiber cement sheets Profib Stone – Natural stone finish similar to travertine, granite, marble.
This product’s specialty is that it has four layers of coating, finished with an anti-vandal layer. This finishing can last much longer than our mainstream Profib fiber cement sheets and aids in protection against damage from scratches, allows for easy maintenance against contaminants like ink, graffiti, etc.
Natural Stone Finish
Fiber cement siding Prodek Natural is an unpainted, modern and durable material for decorative facade cladding and giving an aesthetic appearance to, fences, spa salons, gazebos and other buildings. It is an incredibly durable material, easily tolerates frost, heat and, most importantly, rapid changes in temperature that is normally faced in the Central Asian region.
Unlike other facade materials, Prodek siding is aesthetically pleasing with an imitation of natural wood texture. But unlike natural wood, it can withstand rapid temperature changes and also does not face the problem of swelling that has to be faced with natural wood. No chemical treatments are required to protect the siding like it is required when installing wooden planks.
PRODEK stained fiber cement siding will give your façade a unique look and the warmth of wood. Moreover, unlike natural materials, this siding is fireproof, has an unlimited service life and is inexpensive to maintain in the long term. The material is well suited for buildings for the following purposes: commercial, public, private housing construction. Clients can order Prodek while choosing from NCS Index 1950 and RAL NK5 Classic catalogues. Prodek siding can also be used to accentuate a certain portion of your home when used in interiors and can transform the look of even the simplest of homes.
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