Our advantages

Our products are widely used for both interior and exterior applications. The use of fiber cement sheets and siding in construction with suspended ventilation façade systems allows you to restore the perfectly even geometry of the building, produce additional insulation, and eliminate any irregularities.
  • High Strength
    Flexural strength (the tensile strength of fiber cement sheets averages 30MPa)
  • Freeze Thaw Resistance
    Our sheets average no less than 100 freeze and thaw cycles. Freezing at a temperature -15°C; defrosting - +10°С
  • Fire Safety
    PROFIB fibercement sheets are non-flammable
  • Moisture Resistance
    Sheets do not swell from moisture, are not subject to rotting and mold damage
Fibercement Sheets
Profib – these fiber cement sheets can be customized to any size and shape. The facade solution made of fiber cement sheets is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also functional: the system of ventilated facades protects the walls from moisture, has high noise and heat insulation and when installed correctly, the façade can last up to 50 years with minimal repair. They are used not only for facade cladding, but can also be used for interior, plinth finishing and for other construction and installation works.
As mentioned earlier, fiber cement sheets have excellent technical characteristics which undergo many strenuous tests in our government compliant laboratory. Properties of fiber cement sheets meet the high requirements of the construction industry and can have endless applications.
Fibercement Siding
Prodek fiber cement siding is the unsurpassed alternative to plastic, brick and wood façade cladding for low-rise and residential buildings. The material requires minimal maintenance and is can withstand high climatic factors. Fiber cement allows for walls to be durable (“my house is my fortress”), and the wooden texture expresses comfort and tranquility. The material is waterproof and can withstand aggressive environments. It is no coincidence that clients love to use Prodek fiber cement siding in areas of high humidity, next to water bodies and coasts where there is high content of salt and humidity in the atmosphere.
Prodek siding can be installed in a variety of styles and looks, from modern to classic, giving the architect the ability to use their imagination as they please.
Our Manufacturing Facility
The history of our company dates back to the founding in 1967 of the giant plant JSC "KTsSHK", which later, in 2007, was reorganized into JSC "KTsZ" and LLC "Kant TSP". Today, our enterprise is the only manufacturer of chrysotile cement roofing and facade materials, as well as chrysotile cement pipes with various diameters in the territory of the Kyrgyz Republic. Due to high quality and attractive prices, the products of our plant are in great demand among different segments of the population in all regions of the country and also in popular demand in neighboring countries.
We are active in the market of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, where our products have been used in the construction of entire satellite towns of the city. We have also managed to grab substantial state projects in Kazakhstan with whole complexes covered with our façade material. We have over the years provided hundreds of jobs, develop unmatching technologies, and, most importantly, have helped create an even more positive image of Kyrgyzstan as a reliable partner which produces reliable products.
Certified Products
Profib fibercement sheets and Prodek siding have passed all certification tests and have the necessary certificates of conformity and technical approvals that can be used for multi-storey buildings.

The paint coating on fiber cement sheets and siding has high rates of vapor permeability, water resistance and high adhesion. The resistance of the coating to climatic factors, frost resistance and ultraviolet radiation resistance allows the use of painted facade sheets in various climatic zones.

The coating protects the sheet, is easy to clean, and has high atmospheric, chemical and weathering resistance.
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